Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Re-finalising the M4-M5 alignment

To our chagrin, it was necessary to go back & repeat the alignment of M4 to M5 before the CGH test could proceed.  The wavefront camera thus had to be re-attached to the platform on the NRS simulator.

With M3 still in its box, the tube holding the pinhole & its stage assembly was simply bolted on to the bottom of the M2 cage, affording this unusual view of the tube when looking up at M2 from below.

The alignment process was inspected by an exceptionally special visitor, sporting her brand new pair of mechanical heart valves!  Let's hope the SAC will be as healthy just 3.5 weeks after we complete its open-heart surgery...

The up side of having to go back & repeat something we've done before is that the progress is considerably faster each time. With M4 re-aligned, the tube could be removed...

& enthusiastically dismantled for the last time!

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