Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inserting the big CGH!!

Exciting day in the clean room - time to install the big CGH!  First the rails for putting M3 back had to be set up again.

Then the mirror was lifted out of its box & lowered onto the rails.

M3's cover was removed: Ooooh - VERY Shiny! :)

Next, on went the new 2-part perspex cover with a hole for the CGH mount...

Then the CGH lifting jig was lowered into position with the hoist.

& inserted through the hole in the cover & M3 - taking care to feed the actuator cables all the way through as well.

Once in place, the CGH installation jig could be removed.

Who could resist taking the cover off the CGH at this point?!

Still the most photogenic piece of gear in this whole project!

With its cover back on, the CGH was lowered & the perspex cover could be removed.

M3's sprouted something...

The CGH had to sink lower still to fit under the M2 cage - last look before sliding M3 & the CGH into position under the SAC.

That's low enough - just one swift kick & M3 zoomed along the rails & landed exactly where we wanted it!  Well, not really - but it's fun to picture it happening that way...

Lastly, up go the car jacks to lift the whole lot so that the M3 cell could be bolted back on to the M2 cage.

All done - Wow! :)  If you were wondering what happened to Darragh today, he was the man behind the camera during this round... good job sir!

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