Monday, May 31, 2010

The Maggie Interface

While the grown-ups were off in Wisconsin for the SALT Board Meeting, some of us wrote boring SPIE papers while others sought to make the clean room a better place - breaking exciting ground in high-tech instrumentation development.  Enter: the latest must-have Faro Arm accessory... the all new, hands-free, Maggie Interface! 

The teat of the dummy has a switch built into it & contact is made by doing what Maggie Simpson does best! The number of readings to be taken can be set by the user & the counter talks to the Faro software to do the rest.

Although the Faro's burst mode saves you having to use the obnoxious green button on the Arm to take readings, you almost always need someone else parked next to the laptop to keep a finger on the insert key.

Now this option lets you work on your own, even in those hard to reach places...  In fact, it's best to work alone if you're going to use this as colleagues tend to spend a lot of time making fun of you!

Sometimes we wonder if this year in the clean room may have done us irreparable damage, & sometimes we just know...

Now, if only Francois would finish working on the ALIGN button for the SAC, then we could all go home!

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  1. Well I think this is so cool and my dad looks so cool with the dummy.well how did u make a blog?and u can answer me on!What is ur e-mail adress.thanks.
    Lotsa love