Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fisheye Day in the clean room :)

It's great to be back & Extremely good to be reunited with my weapon of choice!  Some fun with the fisheye lens served as a peace-offering to counter any abandonment issues my camera may have developed while I left it with Darragh these past few days... 

Here's a mangled view of the interferometer sitting on top of the NRS simulator super-structure.

& the CGH spied through one of the holes for the SAC over-pressure fan hoses.

A new slant on geometrical optics...

Ok CGH - Sit... & Stay!

Here the CGH was being illuminated from above with a LED flashlight.

From this angle you can see the CGH's titanium base reflected in M3.

This one's a mind-bender...  Looking down into the SAC with a fisheye you see the pizza pan (M4's intermediate mount structure), the underside of the super-structure platform & the photographer reflected in M5.  Then through the hole in M5 you see part of the M2 cage, M2's image of the CGH (complete with the camera lens reflected in the CGH) on M3, the outer edge of M3 & the CGH!

From this angle you get to see the interferometer & camera reflected in M5, & the reticle of the coat hanger centred in the hole in M5.

Similar to the pic above, but taken with a flash.  Note the blast of green light being thrown off by the CGH down in the hole in M5!

Here's a zoomed in look at M3 & the CGH from above - again the flash hitting the CGH produces some gorgeous effects & the camera itself's niftily reflected in the CGH - & don't forget, the whole lot's imaged by M2 onto M3 & & &...

Much the same as the previous shot, but taken with the camera off axis so the rainbow beams fired off by the CGH seem to bounce around wildly inside the SAC.

So SO cool!! :)

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