Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Sunday in Sutherland

Custodians of the Sutherland Social Scene, Vic & Annie have moved into a Fantastic new place just outside of town.  Formerly known as Ouplaas, Valhala hosted its first braai this afternoon - thanks guys, we'll all be back - often :)

The coolest thing about the place is what can only be described as a little forest - an unfathomable concept in the middle of the Karoo!  & once all the green goo's been disposed of & the temperature goes up, the spring-fed pool's sure to become a major attraction as well...

Before the sun set - in fear of turning into IQ geeks in front of normal people, we rushed back up to SALT, hauled our gear up the CCAS tower & installed the laser in the alignment telescope mount.

The target was adjusted until we could get the return to come back on the front face of the laser.

Actuator adjustments were made via the PC in the tower, which talks to the former clean room computer that now lives up on the tracker.

After all the excitement we could stand up there, we climbed back down to the top of the elevator shaft & hailed our ride.  Very sci-fi to watch it zoom up towards us & then pop the hatch!

On our way out we checked on Okkie who was working on the new hardware for the on-telescope CGH test.  We really hope this won't have to be used, as we plan to go on-sky asap & will only do the CGH test if we're unhappy with the results - but the test equipment needs to be in place before the SAC can go up.

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