Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bye Bye Okkie!

Although the clean room action's dried up now, there's still plenty going on next door in the spectrometer room where RSS is being put through its paces...

High hopes for getting more data tonight were dashed when the weather packed up spectacularly, much faster than any of us have ever seen!

On the up side though, this facilitated an excellent send-off for Ockert who's off to Wisconsin for a few weeks & then when he returns he'll be based at the SAAO in Cape Town.

In Sutherland, regardless of the temperature, the best conversations tend to happen while standing around outside (preferably close to a fire).

Some kinds of head-gear convey authority & have the potential to inspire respect among colleagues...  But those with huge floppy ears don't so much - we really ought to have done more to protect David & Vic from themselves!

Back in the lounge (on the Winnie The Pooh couch), 3 other bears dealt with the paparazzi in different ways.

& over on the bench - fortunately within reach of a fire extinguisher - these two worked through how to say their painful goodbyes.

All too much excitement for our brave host, who's admittedly been running a little low on beauty-sleep lately...

With friends that leave your house looking like this at 2am, who could blame Ockert for moving back to Cape Town?!

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