Monday, April 19, 2010

The year that was...

Yesterday it was a year since the SAC was brought down from the tracker!  Execution of the SALT IQ fix has taken longer than we'd hoped it would, but we've also learnt far more than we'd ever have imagined.

We stand now at step 11: the testing & alignment of M3 - the final phase of the original SAC repair plan.  After this, the SAC will be returned to the payload & the alignment re-checked before we begin on-sky testing.

The major milestones from the past year include:

* Removing the SAC from the telescope *

* Installing the new interface collars *

* Getting to know all our new toys *

* Testing & aligning M5 *

* Revamping the M4 mount *

* Washing M5 *

* Aligning M4 to M5 *

* Testing M2 *

* Washing M3 *

Overall, there have been many more hightlights than can possibly be listed & the lowlights were relatively few & far between during this most extraordinary year!

This blog will go on hold for the next few weeks while the author attends to a major fixup on the family front - we'll catch up the clean room news asap...

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