Friday, April 9, 2010

Making M3 Byoootiful!

Our main reason for electing to re-wash M3 was an extremely thin line of squiz we found at the outer edge of the coating.  Some of this material dissolved during yesterday's wash & caused mild streaking at the very edge of the mirror.  Although far outside M3's clear aperture, we decided it would be best to remove this if at all possible.

A small area was successfully tested with a cotton swab before proceeding to clean the whole edge with sodium lauryl sulphate. 

The offending substance was carefully removed & then the edge of the mirror was drag-wiped.


Yesterday's cleaning process was then repeated - the radial drag-wiping, rinsing with distilled water & finally blow drying.  Afterwards, the lights were switched off & the mirror inspected with a flashlight...

The result was Superb! :)

After the inspection & photo-shoot, M3's cover was replaced & the mirror lifted to allow it to be dried thoroughly.

At that stage it could be lowered back into its box...

& the team could breathe a huge sigh of relief :)  Great job guys!!


  1. Lisa I'd like to congratulate you on the 1st birthday of your fantastic blog! Let's hope, for the sake of science and SALT, it doesn't last much longer.