Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Done with M2 - bring on M3!

First day back on the hill in a while & treated to a wonderful aerial encounter :)  One of the local black eagles seemed to decide she'd had enough of the pesky ravens & gave chase...  Much squawking from the clearly disconcerted raven while the eagle loomed ominously large on its radar screen!  No real casualties though, other than some raven pride.

Meanwhile, the clean room was cooling down so that we could repeat the M2 null test at lower temperature.  After some fiddling to get everything tweaked up again we obtained superb interferograms with a RMS of 0.04 waves - the testing of M2's now complete so we can move on to M3 :)

When not working on the new MASS DIMM system that will monitor atmospheric turbulence up here, SALT Operator Freddie's found yet another instrument to keep busy with :)

We plan to wash M3 later this week so watch this space!

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