Thursday, October 29, 2009

M4's Back!!

We had to tip the SAC over to extract the tube that holds the pinhole stages & light source for the M4/M5 test which needed some modifications. This afforded us a rather unusual view of the new top end...

Mods completed, the new pinhole carrier for the M4/M5 test went in, positioned at the centre of the hole in M5.

James started assembling the removable part of the new M4 mount.

The vanes needed some minor machining so it was off to the workshop with Craig for a quick milling machine tutorial.

Vanes ready - in they go...

Next, M4 itself (wearing a stylish designer cover) could be attached.

The rest of the Formula 1 car must be in this clean room somewhere?!

M4 back (very roughly) where it belongs - much fiddling to be done to get it properly aligned, but great to have a 4 mirror corrector again!

The Faro Arm was used to check the position of M4 by measuring the hole in the top of the cup.

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  1. Sheez that mirror looks like it needs a good clean. Anybody got a kleenex?