Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Installing the new mount for M4

The necessary modifications have been made to the new M4 mount so all the gear & players came back up to SALT today to start the installation process.

To ensure the best possible fit, everything had to be drilled in situ - making for quite an eventful evening!

With the mounting blocks in place, the M4 mount's intermediate structure (popularly known as The Pizza) could go back in...

The fancy new vacuum cleaner for the clean room (aka the "Zoem Tjoeb" - pictured below with its ever-attentive handler) was soon to be put to work guzzling up the swarf.

First just spotting to mark where to drill...

Next some protection was taped in place to catch anything the vacuum cleaner might miss.

& so Craig's work-out could begin!

Not the easiest positions to work in - perhaps we should've had the guy with the drill dangling from the ceiling instead?

But with a little help from his friends, it was all over pretty quickly.

All 6 done! Great stuff :)

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