Friday, October 9, 2009

Going forward again - at last...

Since our return to the clean room on Tuesday, the SALT Faro's been subjected to a number of tests before being allowed to take up its post on the aluminium ring of the NRS Simulator.

We remain satisfied with the Faro's performance so we've now established the master coordinate system on the back of M2, measured the 14 invar buttons on M2 & M5 (1000 points at a time, several times each), checked the concentricity of the alignment target within its holder (another 10000 odd points), accurately positioned the target within the hole in M2, replaced the M5 pinhole assembly & put back the super-structure of the NRS Simulator.

Without wishing to jinx anything, we should now be able to install the alignment telescope & proceed with the alignment of M5 with respect to M2. See the 31 July blog entry if, like us, you need some reminding as to how this is all supposed to work...

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