Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Suffering for our art

Having tested M5 at 17 C & 23 C, the clean room was violently cooled throughout the day. The temperature eventually bottomed out around 6 C (%*?#$@&!!), at which point we repeated the wavefront measurements.

This somewhat bizarre situation evoked long-lost memories of being an astronomer up here - freezing to death while observing late at night in a fridge-like dome...

In fact, throughout the past few weeks, Darragh's spent 10's of hours up the ladder in the dark, doing battle with the alignment telescope - it really is just like old times ;)

With the alignment telescope out of the way, one can look directly at the pinhole carrier or the image of the pinhole via the fold mirror.

Most frustratingly, it seems impossible to get the 2 to line up!

I guess now that the M5 test's out of the way, we were due for a new puzzle...

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