Monday, July 20, 2009

IQ *crushes* IT!

We're finally back to testing M5 - with the SAC vertical, as well as tipped & tilted to the extreme attitudes of its operational envelope. It also needs to be tested at different temperatures, which means killing time while we wait for the clean room to heat up, & then cool down again. Yaaawn... What to do?!

With a willing victim on hand, the IQ team could suspend the daily battles in their endless pool war & unleash their fury on another! & who better to be on the receiving end than the head of IT??

Afterall, it's a position that's uniquely equipped him to cope with abuse & frustration ;)

It was all rather too gory to describe! The motion blur on the cue ball conveys some of the violence of the encounters - R.I.P. IT!

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  1. In the words of one Arnold Swartsenegger

    "I'll be bak"