Monday, July 13, 2009

Comparing microscope objectives

We spent time testing a variety of microscope objectives to find the one best suited for use in conjunction with the wavefront camera. The collection included two reflecting objectives that look a bit like miniature telescopes as they each have a small secondary mirror suspended on a spider above the primary.

Measurements were made with the objectives attached to the wavefront camera & placed close to an illuminated pinhole on an XYZ stage assembly (the tube from the M4/M5 wavefront test).

The 15x magnification reflecting objective has a lot of spherical aberration & the 74x magnification one is too powerful...

A refracting objective with 30x magnification turned out to be ideal & so we'll proceed with that one.

Happy with that conclusion, we put everything back together on the platform, connected up the direct camera & found our pinhole image again. While trying to identify a shadow extending across the comatic image, Darragh traced his finger along a cable. What happened next amounts to our highlight of the week: his finger disappeared into the image!

In between all that excitement, Ockert installed his mount for the alignment telescope on the super-structure platform & tried it out...

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