Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pinhole scans with the wavefront camera

We spent time playing around with the wavefront camera - more fun than it sounds! By moving the pinhole around in X & Y about the position for the best image & following it with the wavefront camera, you clearly see coma - the dominant off-axis aberration in a system. The analysis software also determines the contributions from the other aberrations: astigmatism, spherical, trefoil & more. Images were obtained for a 5x5 grid with 0.5 mm offsets in X & Y - the resulting sets of point spread functions & interferograms are shown below.


  1. Very funky pictures! Does the software do this automatically for you or do you have to compile this collage of pics?

    Keep up the fine work IQ team! Nail the bastard! (not literally, just drill it full of holes ;-))

  2. The software's brilliant, but this is the one thing it doesn't do!