Monday, June 22, 2009

First light for the M5 test!

Once the Z-actuator, LED & diffuser had been set up, the pinhole assembly could be attached to the XY stages & the M5 mirror cover removed.

The ooohs & aaaahs began as soon as the direct camera was connected :)

Moving the pinhole around allows you to fix coma...

Then focusing the camera shows that there's still lots of spherical aberration so the pinhole needs Z adjustment.

This stuff's Just So Cool!

Meanwhile, over on the optical bench, having the microscope on a solid XY stage assembly made it much easier to hunt around on the CGH...

The last thing we expected to find was features that look like little staircases dotted along in one radial direction - no idea what they're about!

Then at last we found the markings we'd been looking for - spaced out in 2 perpendicular radial directions.

Who knows what other info's encoded on that surface... we're hoping for some good potjiekos recipes ;)

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