Saturday, June 6, 2009

Diet Coke + Mentos reaches Sutherland!

We now have the null lens the manufacturers used to test M2 so once the chaps figure out how to mount & align the various components, we'll be able to repeat that test to check the figure of M2.

The alignment telescope will come in useful too so it's time to check out how that works.

Since most people here weren't familiar with the extraordinary Diet Coke & Mentos phenomenon, it was decided that a demonstration was in order. Carl obliged & managed to avoid being showered, but next time we need a deployment mechanism for the Mentos & some sort of nozzle!

Our eagerness to get back to Cape Town was no match for the urge to learn a new Zemax trick from the guru in the driver's seat - not much worse than chatting on a cell phone while driving ;)

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