Saturday, May 16, 2009

Re-organising the clean room

We decided to tackle clean room ergonomics this morning... The cabling had gotten somewhat out of control & this prevented us from tipping & tilting the SAC through its full operational envelope.

The spirit of recycling prevailed when all the duct tape holding our world together was removed.

The cables were all disconnected & piled onto the desk which was wheeled over to the other side of the room.

The spaghetti wranglers then did their thing & life just seems simpler now...

Feeling smug about our redecorating effort, we turned our attention back to hunting down the elusive return spot from the CGH. By attaching the camera responsible for the blog photos (shameless plug for my precious Nikon D200!) to the NRS super-structure, we could get a better sense of what moving the various CGH stages does to all the confusing spots & smudges. Although they make no particular sense yet, they do look rather nifty!

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