Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 1 month anniversary :)

Today it's a month since this adventure began! Hard to believe, in both ways... Being so busy, the time's really flown - but on the other hand, normal life seems such a distant memory. We've now spent 26/31 days at or travelling to/from SALT, an average working day's ~13 hours & we typically sleep less than 5 hours a night.

James spent part of the morning on the couch with an empty champagne bottle... Not as much fun as it sounds - he was making up a new cone-shaped baffle to help cut down stray light & make it easier to find the CGH return spot.

We also inserted another small baffle (known to the SALT Ops team as Blackbeard's Patch) between M2 & M3. The rubber sleeve for the lower part of the SAC had to be lifted all the way up to do this, offering a very cool photo-op!

Peering through the cage at the CGH being lit up by my illumination assistant, Dazzle.

Bored with white light, out came a red headlamp & a green laser :) Apologies to the red-green colour blind!

After our indulgent photographic interlude, we got back to business chasing the CGH return spot. With stray light eliminated by the various baffles & a webcam set up to give us live feedback while moving the stages around, we could identify the spot & tweak it to perfection - Fantastic!!

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