Monday, May 4, 2009

A critical new piece of gear & some snazzy wavefronts

The demise of the filter coffee machine over the weekend represented a major setback for the IQ Team. JOC broke the news via email & sanity was restored around 2pm today when DOD returned from Cape Town with a new one.

As for the vacuum cleaner - still all swarfed up...

While DOD & LC bailed for the weekend, JOC opted to stay behind & get better acquainted with "Langarm"...

In the meantime, the epoxy on the invar buttons has cured & they're ready for action!

After struggling to get the wavefront measurements to converge on Friday, we decided to remove the dial gauges that were rigged to measure relative movement of the M4/M5 pair. Getting rid of the gauges, "propeller" & "weeping willow" freed up a lot of real-estate so more spots could be imaged & we managed to get some encouraging results.

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