Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking more like an ICU patient now!

A huge amount of progress was made today in getting the clean room set up & attaching the patient to all the life-support systems it will need over the coming weeks. This included connecting the dial gauges to the PC, installing pneumatic isolators on the feet of the NRS simulator, attaching the simulator's super-structure, securing a camera to the super-structure platform, taping down all the cabling & testing the x-y-z stages on both the pinhole & the camera.

Having done all this, it was time to remove the cover from M5, the mirror that's most exposed to the environment. Dr O'Donoghue displayed nerves of steel during this delicate process & the author/photographer admits that seeing M5 like this for the first time was something of a religious moment :)

In stark contrast to the day's clean room action, fun was also had squelching around in the mud this afternoon while lowering the 30m weather mast!

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