Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clean room dentistry & fashion

The Faro Arm will be attached to a convenient location from which it can reach as many of of the required measurement points as possible. If it's necessary to uproot it & move to another position, the 2 coordinate systems can easily be related to each other by referencing a common set of points.

The similarities between a visit to the dentist & the interventions needed to rotate the NRS simulator super-structure by 90 deg were startling. The process involved loud drilling, ineffective suction & an inordinate amount of duct tape. Regrettably, the vacuum cleaner seems unlikely to make a full recovery & so an extensive rock-paper-scissors tournament will be required to establish who breaks the news to Willa in the morning :(

From Acting Acting Tech Ops Manager to Chief Swarf Sucker in less than 24 hours - oh how the mighty have fallen!!

The 16 segments removed from the primary mirror array for the SAC take-down have been lurking quietly in the spectrometer room, but now they need to go back in so that the edge sensor testing programme can resume.

Some of the segments have clearly seen it all, but as bad as they look right now, they at least will do considerably better than the vacuum cleaner after some TLC.

A special thank you to our lovely model for the instructive clean room fashion tutorial this evening!

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  1. And here we thought that we were not allowed into the the clean room because you had sensitive equipment in there. No we know that it's because you guys don't want us to see you playing around....