Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out of uniform at last!

With the SAC all sealed up, the clean room's become a civilian zone: no more silly blue outfits!!  There are a number of jobs going on in parallel now, including attempts to characterise the tilt of the chip in the Apogee camera (to be used in the on-sky testing) with respect to the camera's mounting flange.

The Apogee's relatively small detector will need to be moved to 9 positions in order to image the telescope's full field of view, but the advantage is that it contains no optics & thus can't introduce any new aberrations when we test the SAC's on-sky performance.  The electronics guys in Cape Town finished getting the the Apogee's translation stage assembly ready so that came up on the transport today.  Now we can characterise its behaviour & set it up for use on the telescope.

Up on the tracker, the Tech Ops guys installed & checked various bits of the equipment to be used in the SAC re-installation, which now looks like happening early next week...

The necessary mods were made to the SAC installation ring while it was up on the tracker, then it could be re-attached to the terrestrial receiver, in preparation for the SAC collar-shuffling procedure that's planned for tomorrow.

& up in the CCAS tower, we got the alignment telescope set up so that it can be used to align the SAC once its up on the tracker.

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