Friday, July 16, 2010

Locking everything up!!

Another bit of house-keeping to be done was to replace the feeler gauges used to shim M5 with more permanent fixtures.

The feeler gauges were used to make little caps that fit snugly over the bolt heads under the spherical bearings.  Seen here from the top...

& from underneath.

M5 was lifted, the old shims removed & the new caps put in place.  Interferograms were obtained before & after each shim was replaced to make sure our precious alignment was not compromised along the way.

Then the locked M5 tie rods were epoxied...

& ditto for M3.

Then the M3 shims were trimmed down & epoxied in place as well.  

So, That's It - NO More Adjustments!!!  This is the SAC we'll go into battle with pretty soon...

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