Monday, December 14, 2009

M5 back in the SAC

A spring clean of the SAC & surrounds last night, a few more photos this morning & then M5 had to go back where it belongs...

A fluorescent light directed up through the central hole reveals the worst of the pinholes (original coating defects) & makes the Zerodur (the low thermal expansion glass-ceramic that all the SAC mirrors are made of) glow spectacularly!  The image on the right was illuminated with the camera flash.

Then the covers were put on & the removal (replacing?) jig slid into place underneath the mirror.

The lifting frame was attached & the tie-rods secured.

Stand-in photographer Nic took over the D200 while the whole lot was lifted & carried across to the scaffolding.


Then handed to the guys up there who shuffled it back over to the SAC.

Safely hurdling over the Faro!

& then lowered back into place.


The lifting gear could then be removed & the tie-rods re-attached to the cage.


Lastly, the pizza pan was reinstalled & the mirror cover retracted to reveal the zippy new-look M5 - WOW!! 


So, did you do anything exciting this weekend? :)

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