Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping it tidy...

After getting the pinhole into the right position with the Faro, it was time to put M4 back in.  Obviously we're extra keen to keep M5 clean now so some new measures have been introduced.  First of all: a ring of soft plastic out beyond M4 - the melted cheese that covers the pizza.

Then a hard plastic lid that fits over M4.  We should point out that, despite the new SAC colour scheme, the IQ Team remains strictly apolitical.


We decided a major clean room tidy-up was long overdue so we charged around like Tazzie Devils for a while, getting everything cleaned up & squared away before putting the super-structure back up.  By lunch time no one would've guessed that anything much had happened in here over the past few days!


Came across this guy outside the hostel earlier in the week...  It was about 10 cm long & moved surprisingly fast - a really impressive specimen!

Fortunately it wasn't in the clean room so it didn't have to put on a little blue hat & 4 pairs of shoes :)


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