Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still adjusting M4!

Sadly not much excitement to report - we're still chugging away on the M4 alignment...  A recurring theme in this project is the thrill that goes with working out how to do something, followed by the slow torture of actually grinding out the process to the required tolerances!


Producing those beautiful astigmatism curves raved about in an earlier post is now part of our daily slog & not all the results generate streams of poetry...

Charl's been particularly insensitive to our misery during this phase.  Each time we make our way to/from the clean room we have to walk past him happily beavering away (making visible progress - constantly!) on the new electronics for the calibration system!


Cynthia appears to have the right idea: Retirement!!  The hostel staff put on a wonderful surprise farewell tea for her this afternoon (with the help of Linda & Glenda who hauled her up here on false pretences!).  After 44 years of service, it's the end of an era at the SAAO - all the best, Cynthia!


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